Sometimes the prognosis for certain health conditions is grave and in some situations euthanasia may be an option that is discussed with your vet. 

If euthanasia is a decision that you are faced with, Foxwell Vets are here to help support you through this difficult process. Some people like to have this procedure performed at home in a familiar setting.

If this is what you would like then we may be able to schedule an at home euthanasia service for your pet.

At-Home Euthanasia Options

Option 1 – In home Pet euthanasia with home burial:

At home service to provide a compassionate euthanasia of your pet.

Option 2 – In home Pet euthanasia with group cremation:

At home service to provide a compassionate euthanasia of your pet. This option also includes transport of your pet for group cremation (aftercare). This option is suitable for owners who do not wish for the return of ashes.

Option 3 – In home Pet euthanasia with private cremation:

At home service to provide compassionate euthanasia of your pet. This includes your choice of an urn or scatter box, and the return of ashes to your home. Please contact us to discuss your options further. We are partnered with Pet Angels and Pets in peace.

Please call the clinic for an up to date price for each option. (07) 5502 6699

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