Desexing or neutering involves removing part of a pet’s reproductive system so that they can’t reproduce. We encourage desexing to avoid unwanted babies, and health issues that can arise due to fertility or birth. In female animals, desexing is called a “spey” and in males it is referred to as “castration” or “neutering”. 

Desexing ultimately prevents unwanted pregnancies in female cats and dogs. It helps deter unwanted attention from males, and reduces the wandering instinct in both male and female animals. Desexing also limits territorial aggression displayed by both cats and dogs, and can limit behavioural issues such as spraying or excessive urine marking. 

Desexing also reduces the risk of cancers in both males and females, as well as other life threatening conditions like pyometra.

At Foxwell Vet we don’t compromise patient safety and care, as such we do not offer ‘add ons’ to the basic spay or castration price. Our price is inclusive of services that other vets will give you an option for adding on such as; catheterisation, Intravenous fluid therapy, pain relief injection, take home pain relief, elizabethan collar and post operative checks. We recommend a pre-anaesthetic blood test for all patients prior to any anaesthetic procedure. This is vital infomation about your pets health that ensures that they are not having any health issues that would potentially compromise the safety of their anaesthetic. Your vet will provide you with feedback on your pets pre-anaesthetic blood profile prior to commencing their anaethetic. 

Should I desex my pet at Foxwell Vet?

To desex your pet is one of the most responsible things you can do as a pet owner. It directly affects their health in a positive way, reduces stresses and health concerns involved with unwanted or early pregnancies, and directly reduces the number of unwanted pets looking for homes, or who are euthanised every year. 

We only use state of the art anaesthetics, and our vets are very experienced in desexing surgery – your pet will be in the safest possible hands. 


Our staff are on hand to give you the best possible information about the appropriate time to desex your pet, and discuss how to best prepare your pet for surgery – call us today for more information.

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